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Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA)

The Brand

BERNAMA (Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia) is Malaysia’s national news agency. It is an authorised body set up by an Act of Parliament in 1967 with operations commencing on May 20, 1968. BERNAMA’s over 300 journalists, editors, photojournalists and video cameraman report from its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and bureaus nationwide and internationally in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, India and UAE.

A worldwide presence allows BERNAMA to cover news events of local, regional and global importance. Its local network of sales offices provides customers direct access to BERNAMA’s products and services and the assurance of personal care and services. Most newspapers and electronic media in Malaysia as well as other international news agencies subscribe to BERNAMA.

It also has an audio-visual unit, BERNAMA TV which was established in September 1998. On 28 February 2008, BERNAMA TV re-launched a 24-hour news channel and is aired on Malaysia’ Astro satellite television’s Channel 502. In September 2007, BERNAMA launched a 24-hour news and talk radio station, Radio24. BERNAMA’s major subscribers remain Malaysia’s English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil newspapers including the countries’ TV and radio stations.

Brand Evolution

BERNAMA is the leading content provider of up-to-the-minute news, information and photograph updates for newspapers, broadcast stations, global wire services and the internet. BERNAMA meets the needs of the media, businesses and the government with a wide range of news and financial information products by providing news and information services that empower companies and organisations. This spans real-time news, news photographs, information and video footages.
All media outlets subscribe to BERNAMA’s news feed. A state-of-the-art communications infrastructure helps BERNAMA meet an editor’s demand for speed, information sharing, access and reliability. BERNAMA’s Media Relations and Event Management (MREM) is the agency’s professional press release distributor. For approximately 21 years, government and multinationals have depended on MREM’s electronic press release distribution service to publicise their products and ventures both domestically and abroad. MREM distributes press releases to customers through direct links with the print and broadcast media. MREM’s partner ASIANET manages international distribution in all languages. In-house journalists translate the press releases for local media. Releases appear on editor’s terminal and on online information databases. MREM also offers media relations services and event management.

BLIS is an online database of Malaysian news, statistics and industry reports. The contents are compiled from BERNAMA’s wire services, international news services and government as well as research bodies. A powerful search form narrows down possible questions. Journalists, government planners, business strategists, librarians and scholars have access to Malaysian news, industry reports, economic, trade and consumer statistics including data on personalities in an online information database.

Media & Foreign Newswires’ NewsLink4 delivers real-time breaking news 24-hours a day, straight to any Internet ready desktop and compatible handphone globally. NewsLink4 functions like a 24-hour multimedia news channel. Mobile, accessible, user-friendly with comprehensive reporting, NewsLink4 is BERNAMA’s premier news service with multiple delivery platforms like the Internet, FTP and leased line for the global audience. Newswires service covers General News Service, a comprehensive local and international coverage of breaking news, reporting everything from politics, sports, crime, lifestyle, technology as well as human-interest stories. We deliver the latest news reports in English, Arabic, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia to serve the needs of our diverse subscribers. BERNAMA Economic Service (BES) disseminates not only fi nancial updates and market-breaking reports, but also covers economic and corporate developments as well as trade and regulatory issues. BES offers a comprehensive package of market-related news for the business community to make crucial business and investment decisions.

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